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Student Cellos and Cello Outfits

Cellos in our showroom

Stentor II From £652 to £747 The Stentor II cello outfit is our recommendation for beginning players. The outfit features an instrument with solid carved woods, bow and padded case, and offers superb value for money.

Stentor Conservatoire £1150 The Stentor Conservatoire cello outfit features a handmade cello from superior quality tonewoods, good brazilwood bow and lightweight hard case.

Handmade cellos from around £1200 These new imported handmade cellos are higher specification instruments offering a budget alternative to more expensive older cellos, for Grade 5 to 8 students.

Each of these instruments can be upgraded with Jargar strings for improved tone.

Antique Cellos

Wolff Bros cello back

Wolff Bros 2,750 SOLD
Characteristic of the Wolff brothers instruments circa 1890.

We also offer cello bows, cases, strings and other accessories. Our cellos are available to personal customers. We do not supply these instruments by mail order.