Derek Roberts Violins

Restoration and Repair Services
We offer a complete range of services to string players, specializing in expert repairs, restoration and insurance claim work. Qualified and experienced to tackle large and complex jobs, we also undertake the highest quality setting up and adjustment of instruments.

Violin front under repair Our experience in handling accidentally damaged instruments enables us to provide reliable estimates quickly for insurance purposes, and to carry repair work out to the highest professional standards.

Our estimates and repair services are only available for instruments brought into our workshop. Our setting up service is not available for student instruments purchased from other suppliers.

"I'm writing to say how pleased I was with the soundpost adjustment you made to my cello. What you did made a tremendous difference to the sound quality and openness of the voice of the instrument."

We can provide insurance valuations for instruments brought into our workshop. There is a fee for this service.

In order to make valuations and to estimate repair costs, we need to inspect and handle the instrument. Therefore we are sorry but we cannot provide valuations or estimate repairs over the internet.