Derek Roberts Violins


violins and viola Violins
Antique Violins Older violins of the French and German schools
Jay Haide violins New handmade antiqued violins
Handmade violins New handmade violins
Baroque violins New handmade baroque violins
Student Violins New violins and violin outfits
Guide to Student Violins Derek Roberts' advice on buying a violin

Violas New handmade violas and antique violas

Cellos New cellos, cello outfits and antique cellos

Double Basses New double basses and double bass outfits

We invite you to make comparison with what is being offered elsewhere. Particularly for the older instruments, our prices are significantly lower than those in the large city-based dealers. We are happy to supply large orders to educational institutions and local authorities. For more details on any of these please contact us.

Violin Making For an insight into how a handmade violin is constructed, follow the progress of Derek Roberts as he makes a violin by hand in the traditional way.