Derek Roberts Violins

Violin Making Resources

Violin making courses Getting Started, Develop your Violin Making, Violin Repair and Set up, run by Derek Roberts at his workshop.

The Art of Violin Making by Chris Johnson. "I recommend that every amateur maker buys this book", says Derek. "It is comprehensive, accurate and well produced - expensive but well worth it."
Violin Making: A Practical Guide by Juliet Barker. "Good value for money".
Violin-making: As It Was and Is by Heron-Allen. "Read this for historical interest - it was the bible for past generations of amateur violin makers, but its approach is now outdated".

Tool and wood suppliers
Touchstone Tonewoods sell wood, fittings and tools.

Orpheus Music have an excellent series of posters, originally published in the Strad magazine, with photographs, detailed drawings and measurements of fine historical models. Derek recommends the "Titian" Stradivari violin of 1715 and the Guarneri del Gesù violin of 1733.