Derek Roberts Violins

Antique Violins

We offer older violins in good structural order with an attractive appearance and good playing potential. Most of these violins are French or German, made in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Each violin is fully restored and set up to a high standard by Derek Roberts in our workshop. Our stock always includes an excellent selection of violins suitable for Grade 5 to Grade 8 students. Below are some examples of the types of instruments that we have in stock.

Our stock is always turning over with new instruments added frequently. A typical selection includes good unlabelled workshop instruments from Dresden, Mirecourt and Mittenwald, and labelled instruments such as:

Collin Mezin 1904 Alfred Moritz Jean Larcher 1928 Jacquemin Mirecourt
"Breton" J Arnault Holm Viertel Aachen 1889 Didelot Mirecourt Albert Deblaye 1924
Beare and Son "Berini" A L Paulus Dresden Mansuy a Paris M Couturieux
Buthod Paillot Oscar Prager Mittenwald 1926

We also offer a range of new student violins.