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Jay Haide Baroque Violins £1450

Jay Haide baroque violin
These baroque violins are ideal for violin players interested in joining groups specializing in period performance on authentic instruments. They are correctly set up with gut strings, baroque bridge, short neck, short fingerboard and light bass bar.

• Handmade in a small workshop from fine quality materials
• Artistically varnished in a reproduction antique style
• Labelled 'Modèle artistique à l'ancienne' Jay Haide - Ifshin Violins El Cerrito
• Specially commissioned for European and US customers from makers in the Far East
• Set up to professional standards by Derek Roberts
• Excellent tone and playability
• Very keenly priced for the quality
• Also available - violins in standard modern set-up - violas - cellos

Jay Haide baroque violin bridge

• Baroque pattern bridge
• Inlaid tailpiece with natural gut fastener

Jay Haide baroque violin neck

• Wedge-shaped baroque neck with maple and ebony veneer

Jay Haide baroque violin scroll

• Baroque style ebony pegs
• Bone top nut

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