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Violin Making Glossary
Terms used in violin making

This is the glossary for our series about violin making by hand in the traditional way. Please see the introduction for more, and our violin making courses if you are inspired to make a violin yourself.

arching shaping done on the outside of the front and back
bass bar a wooden bar glued inside the front for strength
blocks wooden blocks glued inside the body for strength
body the front, back and ribs of the instrument
bouts the curved outlines of the instrument
C ribs the C-shaped sides between the corners
end pin the wooden pin which secures the tailpiece
hollowing shaping done on the inside of the front and back
linings strips reinforcing the joins between the front, back and ribs
mould supports the instrument while the ribs are made; removed later on
outline the outside edge of the front and back
plates the pieces of wood making up the front and back
purfling thin sandwiched strips of wood inlaid inside the edges
ribs the sides of the instrument
shooting board jig to hold wood while planing
thicknessing the final stage of hollowing, done to fine tolerances

violin with names of parts

Are you interested in learning to make a violin, or developing your violin making skills? See our Violin Making Courses. Our resources page has recommendations for books and suppliers for violin making.

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