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Violin Making
Day 5 The linings

This is one page in a series about violin making by hand in the traditional way. Please see the introduction for more, and our violin making courses if you are inspired to make a violin yourself.

Bending a lining on the iron
Today the linings are shaped and glued to the rib structure which was completed in the previous stage. The linings are made from willow, the same wood as the blocks.

Violin maker Derek Roberts bends one of the linings on the hot bending iron to the required curved shape.

Marking a lining to length Sawing a lining to length
A shaped lining is marked to the correct length. This one is for a bottom bout. The linings are sawn to the marked lengths.

Placing a C lining Linings ready for glueing
The linings are ready for glueing.

Glueing a C lining into place
A lining is glued to the inside of a C rib. One of the bottom bout linings has already been glued to a bottom rib and it is held in place with wooden clothes pegs while the glue sets.

C lining mortice
This detail shows how the C lining is morticed into the corner block. If the lining were simply glued in place to the C rib, it would tend to come unfixed as the instrument aged. The mortice helps to prevent this from happening.

Completed linings
All the linings for the back of the instrument have now been glued in place.

A set of linings must also be made for the top, but these can only be fitted later when the mould is removed.

The addition of the linings has made the fragile rib structure much stronger. The linings also provide a better glueing surface than the ribs alone, for fixing the front and back plates.

C lining mortice In the next stage, Derek will mark and saw out the back plates and do the rough arching.

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